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How flooding can affect your property?

Flooding is New Zealand’s most frequent natural disaster, with about two-thirds of New Zealand’s population living in areas prone to flooding. Flooding is caused by a variety of factors, including:  

Heavy rainfall – Intense rainfall events, particularly during the winter months, can cause flooding in areas with poor drainage or near rivers and lakes.

Coastal storms – Storm surges caused by intense storms and high tides can cause flooding in low-lying coastal areas.

River and stream overflow – High water levels in rivers and streams can cause flooding, particularly in areas with steep terrain or poor floodplain management.

Landcheck for flooding

The risks

Floods can have a significant impact on properties in New Zealand. The extent of the impact depends on several factors, including the severity and duration of the flood, the type of property, and the location. Some of the ways that floods can impact properties in New Zealand include:

Damage to buildings: Floodwaters can cause damage to buildings, including structural damage, damage to electrical systems and appliances, and contamination of building materials.

Loss of personal property: Floodwaters can cause the loss or damage of personal property, such as furniture, electronics, and other household items.

Health risks: Floodwaters can contain contaminants such as sewage, chemicals, and debris that can pose health risks to people and animals.

Financial losses: Flood damage can result in significant financial losses for property owners, including repair and replacement costs, lost income, and decreased property values.

Displacement: In severe cases, flooding can result in the displacement of people from their homes and communities.

It’s important for property owners to take steps to mitigate flood risk, such as ensuring adequate insurance coverage, implementing flood protection measures, and taking appropriate actions during a flood event, such as evacuating if necessary.

Landcheck mitigates your risks

A Landcheck report provides valuable information that will help Kiwis understand and mitigate flood risk in New Zealand. This information includes:

By providing this information, Landcheck helps people make informed decisions about their property, understand and mitigate flood risk, and ultimately reduce the potential impacts of flooding. This can be particularly valuable for property owners, prospective buyers, and insurers who need to assess flood risk and make decisions regarding property investments, risk management, and insurance coverage.

Property-specific flood hazard impact risk

The reports provide information on the flood risk for a specific property, including the likelihood of flooding and the potential impact on the property.

Actions to take

If your property is in an area that might be affected by flooding, Landcheck provides a list of actions you should take to better understand the hazard and be prepared in the event of a flood.

Mitigation measures

The reports provide recommendations for mitigation measures that can be taken to reduce flood risk, such as implementing flood protection measures, improving drainage, and elevating buildings and infrastructure.

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