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When purchasing a property in New Zealand, there are several factors you need to consider. One of those is natural hazards, such as flooding, Coastal erosion, earthquake and tsunamis. Due to its geography and location, New Zealand is significantly exposed to a range of natural hazards and the effects of climate change will exacerbate a number of these. It is essential to research the area and assess the potential risks before making a purchase.

When buying a home in New Zealand, there are several risk mitigation measures that you can take to protect yourself, your whānau, and your investment.

Consider the location: You should carefully consider the location that you plan to look for properties in as some are more at risk of hazards, such as flood zones or earthquake-prone areas.

Landcheck it: If you’re interested in a property, before moving ahead with due diligence you should first understand if the property is at risk of any natural hazards. This knowledge may stop you from pursuing the property, saving time and money that you would have otherwise spent carrying out due diligence.

Conduct a thorough inspection: Before purchasing a property, it’s important to conduct a thorough inspection to identify any defects or issues that could cause problems in the future. You should engage a qualified building inspector to check the property for structural damage, dampness, or other issues that could affect its value or safety.

Landcheck before buying

Check the property history: You should obtain a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report from the local council to check the property history and any potential risks such as flooding, land instability, or environmental hazards. You should also conduct a title search to check for any legal issues or restrictions that could affect the property’s value or use.

Engage professionals: You should engage professionals such as lawyers, real estate agents, and building inspectors to help you navigate any potential risks or legal issues associated with the property.

Purchase insurance: You should purchase insurance to protect yourself against potential risks such as natural hazards, environmental issues, or damage to the property. You should consult with an insurance broker to ensure that you have appropriate coverage for your needs.

By taking these risk mitigation measures when buying a home in New Zealand, you can make an informed decision and protect yourself against potential risks and hazards. It’s also a good idea to consult with professionals and seek legal advice to ensure that you fully understand the risks and implications of purchasing a property.

Avoid high-risk properties

Knowing the natural hazard risks of a property can help you protect yourself, your whānau and your investment. Avoid any high-risk properties early on in your property journey by Landchecking it first.

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Easy to read instant natural hazard reports

Landcheck reports are designed to be read and used by ordinary people, so you don’t need any industry experience to understand one. It’s important to us that everyone can easily access this information to make more informed decisions around buying property.

Ensure your next investment is a good one

Save money now and in the future. Failing to clearly understand your property’s risk from natural hazards could lead to nasty surprises like higher insurance premiums, and repair and rebuild costs. Not to mention the stress these losses can bring. Avoid these and other unexpected costs down the line by understanding things up front.

Protect yourself from unexpected costs and damages to your future home

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