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How coastal inundation can effect your property

Coastal inundation is the flooding of low-lying coastal areas due to the overflow of the sea. It can occur during storms, high tides, storm surges, or due to sea level rise, and can cause significant damage to coastal communities, infrastructure, and ecosystems. In New Zealand, coastal inundation can be caused by a variety of factors. These include:

Storm surges: When strong winds and low pressure combine to create a surge of water that can cause coastal flooding.

High tides: During certain times of the year, high tides can bring water levels close to or above the height of coastal defenses, resulting in flooding.

Tsunamis: Large undersea earthquakes can create tsunamis, which can cause significant coastal inundation and damage.

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Sea level rise: As the global climate changes, sea levels are rising, which increases the likelihood and severity of coastal inundation.

Land subsidence: Some coastal areas in New Zealand are experiencing land subsidence, which can cause them to sink below sea level, increasing the risk of flooding.

The risks

Coastal inundation can have a range of impacts on properties in New Zealand, depending on the location and severity of the flooding:

Physical damage: Coastal inundation can cause significant damage to properties, including erosion of the land, damage to buildings and infrastructure, and loss of personal property. In extreme cases, coastal inundation can even result in the total loss of a property.

Health and safety risks: Coastal inundation can pose health and safety risks to occupants of a property, particularly if the flooding is severe. Risks may include exposure to contaminated floodwater, electrical hazards, and the risk of drowning.

Insurance issues: Properties located in high-risk areas for coastal inundation may experience higher insurance premiums or difficulty obtaining insurance coverage. This is because insurers may consider these properties to be more likely to experience damage or loss due to flooding.

Financial impacts: Coastal inundation can have significant financial impacts on property owners, including the cost of repairs or rebuilding, loss of income or business interruption, and reduced property values.

Displacement: In extreme cases, coastal inundation can result in the displacement of property owners, requiring them to find alternative housing and potentially disrupting their lives and livelihoods.

It is important for Kiwis to be aware of the risks of coastal inundation and take appropriate steps to mitigate these risks. Property owners should also stay informed about weather and sea level rise predictions in their area and be prepared to act in the event of a flooding event.

Landcheck mitigates your risks

Overall, Landcheck reports can help property owners and buyers make informed decisions about coastal inundation risk and take appropriate steps to mitigate that risk. By providing detailed information about the property and surrounding area, Landcheck reports can help homeowners and buyers protect their property and ensure their safety in the event of coastal inundation.

A Landcheck report provides valuable information that will help Kiwis understand and mitigate the risk of coastal inundation in New Zealand. This information includes:

Identify inundation-prone areas

Landcheck reports provide information about the likelihood of coastal inundation occurring in the area where the property is located. This can help homeowners and buyers understand the level of coastal inundation risk they face.

Highlight inundation-prone features

The reports also identify any features of the property or surrounding area that may make it more susceptible to coastal inundation, such as proximity to the coast, low-lying areas, or areas near rivers and streams.

Actions to take

If your property is in an area that is at risk of being impacted by coastal inundation, Landcheck provides a list of actions you should take to better understand the hazard and be prepared if flooding were to occur.

Provide mitigation recommendations

Landcheck reports offer recommendations for mitigating coastal inundation risk, such as constructing flood walls or barriers, raising the property above flood levels, or establishing drainage systems to manage excess water.

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