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Who we are

With more than 40 years’ experience in natural hazard response and risk management, Tonkin + Taylor has a proven capability at supporting clients and communities through all stages of disaster resilience for events of almost every size. Through this work, Tonkin + Taylor experts identified how difficult it is for New Zealanders to access information about natural hazard risks. 

Worldwide, the insurance industry is moving more towards risk-based pricing for home and contents insurance, based on exposure to natural hazard risk. As extreme weather events become more frequent and the consequences of these events more severe, the financial impact on New Zealanders could be significant.

Prior to the development of Landcheck, the only way for kiwis to access natural hazard information was through complex LIM reports and council hazard portals, or by engaging natural hazard expertise to undertake a site-specific assessment. When you are in the early stages of the home buying process and considering multiple properties, Landcheck does the hard work for you as an affordable, more accessible way of understanding the natural hazard risks for those properties.

The database that underpins Landcheck covers the New Zealand property market. This data comes from diverse public information that is then clarified through smart algorithms developed by some of the most respected natural hazard experts in New Zealand. The results are explained in an automated PDF Landcheck report to provide understandable and fast natural hazard information to buyers.

We believe that informing people of the risks pertaining to their properties will help them make informed decisions around property ownership and its ongoing risks and costs. By understanding the risks up front, people can avoid nasty financial surprises later.

Our mission

The idea of Landcheck came from wanting to help New Zealanders better understand the natural hazard risk their properties are exposed to.

Our mission is to empower property owners with the knowledge and insights needed to make informed decisions about protecting their assets and whānau. We are passionate about providing information that is affordable and easy to understand for everyday Kiwis, whilst leveraging the latest technology and data to deliver comprehensive and reliable natural hazard risk reports. Our ultimate goal is to help build resilient communities that can withstand the challenges posed by climate change.

Landcheck your property