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Is your home at risk from

flooding? earthquakes? landslips? climate change? coastal inundation? coastal erosion? severe winds?

Instant natural hazard property reports.

A trusted natural hazard property report

Home owners

You can never be too careful when investing so much of your hard earned capital into a property. Get the most thorough and pertinent information available with Landcheck.

First home buyers

Make sure your first home isn't a lemon. Landcheck it today and make your big decision with all the most accurate and comprehensive information available.

Why use Landcheck?

Landcheck is an easy and affordable way of accessing crucial natural hazard risk information about any property in Auckland. The data comes from diverse public information and is neatly summarised into an easy-to-read PDF. This information will help you make more informed decisions when investing your hard-earned money into Auckland real estate.

Just search any address on our site and have all that info at your fingertips in seconds!

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Who we are

Landcheck is part of the Tonkin + Taylor Group, we’re supported by more than 40 years’ experience in natural hazard response and risk management. Over this time, Tonkin + Taylor experts identified how difficult it is for New Zealanders to access information about natural hazard risks.

That’s why we launched Landcheck; to empower property owners with the knowledge and insights needed to make better decisions about buying property in NZ. It is our firm belief that by understanding the risks up front, you can avoid nasty financial surprises in the future.

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